About us

What is Bluecharge ?


Bluecharge operates Singapore’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network. Our service is a
commitment to developing the infrastructure to support Singapore’s EV revolution, encouraging car
owners to make the switch from petrol and diesel cars to electric vehicles.

Over 300 stations are already available throughout Singapore, monitored 24/7 for a robust and
reliable system.



Bluecharge also allows you to reserve a charge point up to 45 minutes in advance. Moreover, our
convenient locations mean that when you reserve a charge point, you also reserve a
parking lot. Gone are the day of losing time and wasting battery when hunting for a parking


About the Bolloré Group

The Bolloré Group has managed the Bluecharge network since 2017. Founded in 1822, the Bolloré
Group has grown to become one of the 500 largest companies in the world. The Bolloré family is the
company’s majority shareholder, allowing for a policy of long-term, impactful investments.
As a member of the International Transport and Logistics Commission, the Bolloré Group is also
active in transport and logistics, including projects in energy distribution, specialised terminals and
systems, plastic films, batteries, supercapacitors, electric vehicles, communication and media.


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