Please login to your account on the Bluecharge website and click on ‘My Information’. You can edit your payment details at the bottom of the page.

To make payment for the outstanding bills, please login via the Bluecharge website and click on ‘My Bills’ and choose the outstanding bill that you wish to make a one-time payment for. Please note that payment is only available to outstanding bills with at least 3 deduction failures registered in our system.

Please login to your account via the Bluecharge website and click on ‘My Vouchers’ to check on your vouchers.

1) Book your charge point in advance online: via our website or mobile app.

2) On-street points allow you to charge and park at the same time all over Singapore.

3) Ready to roll? Unplug your charged car and drive off to your destination.

Membership activation will take up to 24 - 48 hours. Once your account has been validated, you will receive a pairing code via SMS.

To end your membership, please send us a message in writing using 'My Account' --> 'My Messages' in your Bluecharge account login via the BlueCharge website.


No, that is strictly prohibited. You will be penalized for impeding other Bluecharge members from using a Bluecharge parking station or charge point and liable for parking offence from the relevant parking enforcement authorities.

There will be a penalty for unauthorized parking and/or using of charging service without displaying the Bluecharge charging decal. You may also be subject to sanctions (fines or penalties) imposed by the relevant parking enforcement authority and risk your vehicle being immobilized, clamped or removed.

The minimum charging period is one (1) hour, meaning that if you charge your Vehicle at a Charge Point for less than one (1) hour, You will be charged Charging Fees as if you had charged your Vehicle at a Charge Point for one (1) hour.

The easiest way to find the charge points is through our station map on our Bluecharge website or mobile app. All charge points are marked with the charging icon.

It depends on the model of your vehicle. Our charge points supply an average of 3.7 kW of electric power.

To use Bluecharge service, the driver must be 18 years or older and owns an electric vehicle registered with the Land Transport Authority in Singapore.